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Restaurant Chez Plume in Anse Boileau Seychelles

Restaurants in Seychelles are special, in particular the ones that have been established for many years and ply a trade in unique Creole or International cuisine.

We pride ourselves on fresh produce grown locally and seafood caught locally, and most of the smaller establishments have a very special and unique niche market of both local and international clientele who visit them for decades.

At the gastronomic delight known as Chez Plume, named after the late former owner who created the concept more than 25 years ago, we carry on his legacy with very specially prepared and imaginative local and international cuisine.

Open for all meals every day for guests of the Auberge, we provide a sumptuous full

English Breakfast, a mix of Creole and International fare for Lunch, and our famous Dinner of French Creole cuisine made up of traditional and locally caught seafood, fish and locally produced vegetables.

We are famous for some of our signature dishes, ranging from a Salad of Chouchoute, a locally grown vegetable close to the family of the gourd, Aubergine Fritters, shark in a sauce of Combava, a locally grown citrus of the lime family, Ginger Crab or Crab Curry, and of course our iconic dessert of Passionfruit Soufflé.

We cater to groups as well, with a range of menus and food types for all tastes. We are able to tailor a menu with very exact specifications depending on your requirements, it’s just a matter of asking!

Classic Dinner

Dinner is what we are known for!

The restaurant has existed for the last 25 years and is the legacy of Jean Claude Plumas, hence it is known as Chez Plume.

Along with the Chef, Henry Loyaklun, who remains with us till today, they created a menu with an enormous reputation. It is typical French Creole fare, with much the same dishes that have remained our specialties since the menu’s inception, and indeed they are timeless in both their simplicity and their exquisite taste.

From boudin, a typical Creole sausage, right through the range of dishes to grilled local lobster, prawns and clams, there is something on the menu to suit every taste.

Starters range from simple salads of local produce such as chouchoute through to the more intense complexity of the stuffed mussels, one can discover all the flavours of Seychelles at Chez Plume.

Amongst the fish we offer on a nightly basis, you will find delicacies such as shark, red snapper, job and capitaine blanc or the white captain, served with its own unique passionfruit sauce.

We are also famous for our crab, which we prepare with a locally grown ginger,  our fruit bat served as legs or pate, and the ever present dessert of passionfruit souffle, something people travel a long distance to savour!

Dinner is served Monday to Saturday evenings from 19.15, with last orders at 21.30.

Relaxing Lunch

Lunch at Chez Plume is also something very unique!

We introduced the lunch menu in April of 2016, and it’s the brainchild of Chef Terence Bristol, formerly from some of the best five star hotels and restaurants on Mahe & Praslin.

Terence joined Henry at Chez Plume in 2015, but went on to design and take charge of lunch and day groups at Chez Plume since last year.

The menu is an easy eating fare of salads such as traditional Caesar, local Heart of Palm, otherwise known as Millionaire’s Salad, and Greek.

Pastas are simple but tasty, with a choice of locally available pasta served with a choice of accompanying sauces.

We always have a locally caught grilled whole fish, and then Terence introduced some of his signature dishes, such as the home made Royale Burger, honey basted Baby Back Spare Ribs, Chicken Drumsticks with a unique and tasty orange zest sauce, and fresh Fish Carpaccio.

The lunch menu is rounded out with various yummy desserts, including a crepe of the house, and our own version of a fruit platter, with fresh local fruits from around our area or our very own garden.

Not to be missed, lunch is a relaxing way to enjoy a few lazy hours in the afternoon in the restaurant or under an umbrella in the garden!

Lunch is served Tuesday to Sunday from 12.00, with last orders at 15.00.

Groups & Buffet Dining

We cater to groups with a range of menus and food types for all tastes. We can cater with locally French Creole fare or international dishes, and a mix of anything in between!

We are able to tailor a menu to suit both budget and taste, with a variety of dishes from both the lunch and dinner menus. You can choose from a huge range of flavours, from boudin. breadfruit and grilled red snapper to spicy octopus or crab curry, shark chutney & chilli mango salad, and select the appropriate mix of dishes to suit both the people you are entertaining as well as the budget you wish to spend on the occasion.

Groups can range from tables of 10 through to larger groups of up to 90, which we can comfortably seat both in the restaurant and in the garden, weather permitting. For the larger groups, we even permit guests to supply their own wine with a small corkage fee.

We can offer a sumptuous buffet of local Creole food for party groups, including themes and entertainment. We have a house band known as Michael Belle & Friends playing the relaxed sounds of the 70s and 80s, but we also source more individual musicians playing guitar and moving around the restaurant if your group wishes for something a little more laid back.

Check out our Facebook page for upcoming special events. For more information on what we can do, or to arrange a visit to see us, kindly contact us directly on reservations@hibiscus.sc or call us on +248 4 355 050.

Looking forward to welcoming your group soon!