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Upcoming Events Across Seychelles

At the Auberge we are very proud of the special events we host. Special events such as Christmas, New Year, Halloween and Valentines Day, accompanied by relaxed, local entertainment, there is always something new coming up at Auberge Chez Plume.

Seychelles is also home to some special events throughout the year.

From the famous Carnival, to the Seychelles Ocean Festival, and not to forget the Festival Kreol, there is something on almost every calendar month throughout the year.


Cultural Bazaars

Enjoy a selection of unique locales where you can meet the Seychellois people and experience a taste of the island style way of living, accompanied by a serenade of Creole music and plenty of authentic Creole food. Most bazars happen weekly depending on the season, simply check with our Reception before venturing out and we can assist you with advice on what’s opened and the best ways to get there!

Bazar Labrinn, on Beau Vallon Beach in north Mahe, is one of the legendary bazar where shoppers come to stock up on their supply of vegetables, fruits, and local delicacies and where visitors to our islands can enjoy a unique opportunity to shop for souvenirs and sample traditional snacks and beverages – all within an authentic Seychellois Creole ambiance.

Bazar Ovan, on a beach in south west Mahe called Anse Gaulette, provides another excellent opportunity for locals and visitors to mingle and participate in a true celebration of the vibrant Seychellois Creole culture to the rhythms of Creole music.

Victoria Bazar is an Authentic and lively ambiance that is reflective of the Seychellois Creole way of life where vendors sell a variety of goods ranging from arts and crafts to exotic culinary delicacies and beverages, to the accompaniment of local musicians in an atmosphere that’s strictly Creole.

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Seychelles Ocean Festival

The iconic and long-running SUBIOS (Sub Indian Ocean Seychelles) has, for two decades, played an important role in raising the profile of diving in Seychelles and also sensitising generations of Seychellois and visitors alike concerning the beauty and fragility of the Seychelles marine environment.

The Seychelles Ocean Festival is the successor to SUBIOS.

Since the early days of SUBIOS, the Seychelles marine scene has changed enormously and has swollen to encompass many different sectors: sailing & cruising; water sports; sports fishing; diving and snorkelling; sustainable seafood gastronomy; conservation; education; the Blue Economy etc. etc. The Seychelles Ocean Festival happens each year around November, and marks the beginnings of an event to showcase the magnificent diversity, beauty and fragility of Seychelles’ marine scene.

The Seychelles Ocean Festival looks to revive the popular aspects of SUBIOS and, over the coming years, to become an important fixture in Seychelles’ calendar of events and a key platform for showcasing the many attributes of Seychelles’ marine scene and all that it offers to visitors and locals alike.

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Race day 3 of the 2011 St. Maarten Heineken Regatta saw wind from every direction and rain showers all over the course. Photo Credit must read © WWW.OUTSIDEIMAGES.COM or a 50 Euro fee is charged

The Round Table Regatta

The Round Table Regatta has become an important national event in Mahe Island’s calendar. The event spans one weekend, usually around September, and takes place on the popular Beau Vallon beachfront. The event’s jam-packed schedule includes numerous sports competitions, live performances by local artists as well as many fairground games. The weekend culminates with the hilarious ‘Greasy Pole Contest’, where competitors struggled to reach a cash prize fixed on top of a 6-metre wooden pole smothered in grease. Last, but far from least, the all-important Round Table lottery draw at 6pm on Regatta Sunday, where a lucky entrant wins a grand prize.

Local and international companies support the event by manning food and beverage stalls or running promotional stations where visitors benefit from generous give-aways and reduced prices on goods. All in all, the Round Table Regatta weekend brings many Seychellois and tourists together in a high-spirited, cause-driven event.

Come join us in Seychelles for the Seychelles Round Table Regatta. We will show the dates as soon as they are available.

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Festival Kreol

Festival Kreol is the biggest and most important event of the Seychelles cultural calendar.

It offers the visitor a fascinating week full of the colours, sounds, flavours and fragrances of one corner of the Creole world that treasures its traditions while embracing the opportunities of the present.

With events showcasing our precious Creole culture, this is an event not to be missed. For a week in October, you will be able to enjoy various events being staged across the three main islands of Mahe, Praslin and La Digue.

Dates for the next Festival Kreol will be posted as soon as they are available.

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Carnival International de Victoria

Seychelles has always been a rich melting pot of peoples from the four corners of the planet. Each year Victoria becomes a stage for representatives of the world’s most prestigious carnivals, in our very own version of Rio’s very famous Carnivale.

Although there has not been a Carnival this year, the last Seychelles International Carnival of Victoria became a focal point for representatives from the world’s most famous carnivals who were invited to the islands to take part in this exciting international event.

Promising to be the focus of international as well as local attention in each future event, the Seychelles International Carnival of Victoria features a procession of colourful floats representing the various participants’ national carnivals, as well as a raft of other dedicated activities all of which fall under the carnival’s theme.

There is widespread international press coverage of this colourful event which is a real crowd-pleaser, as it brings the lively ambiance of international carnival time to the islands.

There is even a special Carnival held for all the children living in and visiting Seychelles, and this is typically held over the same period!

Dates for the next Carnival will be posted as soon as they are available.

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